10 Times Celebs Humiliated Themselves on Game Shows

Why go on a game show at all if you’re THIS bad? For this list, WatchMojoUK counts down the Top 10 Times Celebs Humiliated Themselves on Game Shows. Featuring celebrities like Harry Redknapp, Jimmy Carr, Katherine Ryan, and many more. Let us know in the comments which terrible answer made you cringe the most.

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42 thoughts on “10 Times Celebs Humiliated Themselves on Game Shows”

  1. Who remembers in 2006-2008 when a contestant got put on the naughty step in deal or no deal during the ad breaks for angering noel

  2. 8:48 Apocalypse Wow: The worst thing you will ever see with your eyes.
    Trapped Ever After: The remake of the show traumatised whole families who could barely sleep after seeing one episode of it! And baring in mind, It was on CBBC!

  3. Should of done the Puppet Special of “The Weakest Link” as THAT was a funny romp! Just seeing Anne Robinson paired with Zippy, I knew hijinks were about to ensue! (Especially whenever he got asked the question)

  4. I think it was a foregone conclusion that David Haye was going to make a complete bollox of answering questions ………. Just as he does when asked "who will win"

  5. “Name the British monarch who was ruling at the start of the 20th century?”
    My American ass: Queen Victoria!
    English lady: Margaret Thatcher?

  6. Any time on Celebrity Millionaire when the pairs get the second milestone question wrong and leave with £1,000 is gut wrenching. (Jonathan Ross)

  7. There's a couple of infamous ones on American quiz shows…

    First, there's Wolf Blitzer from CNN ending up with -$4800 on a Celebrity Jeopardy! episode.

    Second, there's some woman on Wheel of Fortune who tries to solve a puzzle saying the answer is "I have the wine by Johnny Cash" (real answer is "I walk the line by Johnny Cash").

  8. Just because you're a celebrity, doesn't mean you aren't human, getting nervous or just plain dumb, but I blame a lot of it, on not reading or having much of an education, just like some of the rest of us. Unfortunately unless I got brain freeze, it wouldn't be me….total nerd and I don't care, having been bullied by classmates at school for that. 😁
    But I'd never do a physical games show, because that's beyond me at 62 and I'm sure some people who did shouldn't have, even if they're younger than me. Don't do stuff like that if you don't do any sport or exercise.

  9. At the end where you have your plug to follow and subscribe, instead of saying “before we continue,” you guys say “before we begin.”

  10. not trying to bad mouth british tv but I watch a episode of tipping point on youtube and while back because I never heard of it before and was looking for games shows to watch and all I have to say is man that show is boring

  11. It's funny when someone so arrogantly confident is proved wrong

    It's hilarious when that person is katherine ryan 😂😂😂😂😂 in YOUR face kathy ya smug mare

  12. OMG Apocalypse Wow…I refuse to believe that this is or ever was a real game show. Surely this was a first draft of a Black Mirror episode designed by Charlie Brooker whilst having a migraine??

  13. I'll never forget the Children in Need celebrity special of The Weakest Link. Most of their answers were just stupid and laughable LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  14. I have no idea what Apocalypse Wow is, but there's some irony in making these videos and telling other people they need to get a proper job

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