A £700 TRANSFORMER Robot that will Blow your Mind!

This is the Auto Converting Optimus Prime Transformer from Robosen, the Robot company. Unboxed and Reviewed just in time for the Release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

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43 thoughts on “A £700 TRANSFORMER Robot that will Blow your Mind!”

  1. Ok the pushups were hilarious 😀 I've seen this one elsewhere reviewed as well, its a really fun looking toy, a bit expensive to buy for laughs, but with the amount of functionality, doesnt sound too crazy.

  2. You should have mentioned the transforming trailer that's available too! If I could sell my original G1 Transformers for enough money to buy Optimus and the trailer I'd be all over it!

  3. Did you know that robosen also did an extension upgrade to have the trailer and roller as well, just to let you know, by the way, you are a better rc reviewer than Kevin Talbot.

  4. That has to be the beat thing I've ever seen, being a big man child like I am this is absolutely awesome, Tomley u have done urself proud with this one bro 💪🤙💯💯💯

  5. Hey there my U-Tube friend, I definitely need to buy one of these as I was a transformers fan, from years ago in the 1980's+.

    Thanks for the video pa.

    Keep the video's coming buddy.

    Respect! 👍

  6. How 'bout a video showing us your bicycle Tomley. I've seen it in the background a few times, but not long enough to tell what it is. I dig old school (and new) BMX stuff. I've owned high-end mountain bikes, road bikes, but nothing beats the simplicity of a BMX bike. (currently riding a 24" DK Sentry from 2013)

  7. I was watching this last year on adam savages tested he had the trailer with it. It just didn't look real because its so fluid pretty cool though maybe not the price though hah

  8. hey tomley , alex kowaliuk here when i first saw the transformer in your thumbnail i thought this is a silly toy im 33 years old i do rc cars but this is just silly but i was wrong thats an awsome robotic toy . as always you keep it intresting thank you for being a brave and thinking out of the box its always good fun watching your vidoes ,,,, how about adding some airplanes to the channel this summer…..

  9. Awesome. I’d like a version of Sound Wave that’s a working portable speaker like a JBL speaker. Maybe walk from one room to the other from voice command. “Sound Wave play the transformers theme song “.🤘🏽