All These Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse Rumors

There’s a new crop of Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse figures. I break down the rumored figures and my hopes they actually come to pass.

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21 thoughts on “All These Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse Rumors”

  1. The best least known team thing is hard because you have to start asking questions like: least known to whom the comic readers, casual fans, MCU fans, or regular folks or what era of the team? Are we talking about folks don't know a certain lineup/ roster from a certain era or they don't know the team exists at all?
    Either way my answer is The Crew.

  2. Female characters already get the short end of the stick when it comes to costume design so the least, they can do is put them on the latest female body that has better articulation, and the legs are bowed to all hell and ready to collapse right out of the package. In 2024 I'm going to selective with my purchases so they had better make it worthwhile, I'm already frustrated that it feels like we're going to be missing out on anniversary X-Men waves to do this Logan anniversary thing.

  3. If a bunch of new and re-done Wolverines are coming, they better all be pinless and FIX THE CLAWS! Those old flimsy claws weren’t cutting it three years ago. It’s long past time we get some sturdy claws for Wolverine.

  4. Dr.Strange wave Clea, Comic Baron Mordo, and his Wraith warrior’s , Nightmare, Umar, Morgan le Fey, Kaecilius, comic Wong,some Mindless one’s, Satannish Silver dagger, I know it would be hard to do but Shuma-Gorath Kulan Gath we need so many especially since I order the Sorcerer Supreme power effects from 5k toys

  5. Marvel legends fans are going to be so mad when these figures come out I can hear the complaints now. Can you imagine the amount of hate marvel legends fans are going to give. I hope marvel legends goes on hiatus for 2-3 years it would really be good. They could recalibrate the line, figures and packaging.

  6. As for FF Villains Red ghost and Super-Apes, Diablo, Thinker and Awesome Android, frightful four Wizard, Trapster, New Medusa,Sandman in green costume, Classic Captain Ultra,Mole man with Moliods, and Mole Monster and the rest of the Inhumans .

  7. As for the Daredevil wave Gladiator, Owl, Matador ,Ox , Fancy Dan, Montana, Red Elektra, and yeah Mr.Fear and DeathStalker, and Torpedo. there gonna get me with theses two pack Wolverines I wish they wouldn’t and just do another five pack I don’t need that many more wolverines .