Ange leaves for Spurs | What’s next for Celtic?

Enda, James and Alan discuss Ange Postecoglou’s departure from the club and who might be the next Celtic manager.

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28 thoughts on “Ange leaves for Spurs | What’s next for Celtic?”

  1. I would really love you guys to address the REAL reason Ange left & why Celtic can only be a stepping stone for both managers & players. 4 competitive league games per season won’t cut it! The toxic nature of the GB is not appealing! There is a naivity & dare I say it arrogance in suggestions for BR? No way would he return to scottish football! NEVER! Europe – Board have made it clear they will not invest in CL – so more of the same & even if they did what player of CL ilk would roll up to ply their trade in SPFL?! Please consider spending some time & thoughts about how Celtic might escape the quagmire of the scottish game as they will never truly flourish or achieve while north of the border! Sad but true 😌

  2. Watched Yokohama yesterday morning just like watching Celtic. Would have Muscat in a second. He is clearly a strong candidate to seemlessly take over the current squad of players with the least disruption to playing style He has already managed Maeda and Iwata won player of yesr under him. He is a proven winner of leagues in Australia and japan both much more competitive than Scotland.

  3. I think you guys have nailed it, Ange is a "cult of personality" I'm an Australian who became interested in Football (Soccer, we are spoilt for choice here) because of Anges world cup team performance. I've been following the man and not so much the teams he manages, I can't help but think that the teams' Ange manages are more part of his story than he is part of theirs, this is Anges' destiny unfolding, it could be footballs greatest underdog managers story, if he goes on to win the EPL it will be a movie

    🎵 Jet – Look what you've done 🎵

    Anges time at celtic… "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly Ange" – bladerunner

  4. Wow – a world class talent ? Then Jock Stein mentioned in the same breath. What nonsense!
    He was a failure in Europe. Where is the evidence that justifies a world class tag? Winning the SPl with resources far in excess of the opposition (and indeed the SPl has been especially dire this year ) ?
    He was a fake who achieved no more than a successful Celtic (or indeed Rangers) manager would reasonably have been expected to achieve given the relative financial advantage we retain domestically.

  5. Some really sound points. You’re right, Enda. Any new coach or new CEO in a business is going to try to build a team ethos and that involves finding areas of commonality, things to use to identify with the club and for support to identify with him. I don’t think any of it was lies or cynicism. He was a genuine guy but at the sane time he’s still a hired gun and, as the guys said, perhaps two years is the natural life cycle and we just have to be be ready as a club to get the next guy in…🍀

  6. You don't have to do a deep dive to uncover this is AP's typical modus operandi… I'm literally shocked that so many expected otherwise and are treating him like some sort of Messiah.

    He is a VERY ruthless and cold individual, which btw is not a criticism per se, more of an observation. It was only ever going to end this way. The team knew he was off for weeks hence the drop off in performances.

    Incidentally, I've heard a lot of Celtic fans talking the current crop up. I'm old enough to have seen a lot of Celtic squads and in my opinion O'Neill's team would have absolutely battered them. 🍀

  7. The guy Alan talks complete shite. Talking about the team started playing shite, they had won the league he changed the team. We had 3 of our 4 defenders out ffs. What a negative guy he is.

    Get someone in to win the league ? You not want someone who can maybe do a job in Europe so we don’t get embarrassed again?

  8. When it comes to the next manager we need to be smart. We have a select few candidates that realistically would come and thats not because the club and what we offer but the league.

    For me we have to be exploring the option of every title winning manager that is in the equivalent of our league, especially managers that have any success in europe should propel them to the top of list of interviewing.

    Graham potter is my first pick now. He has experienced unreal success at ostersunds, domestically and at european level(look at them now). He plays attacking football can work to a budget and has experience of playing in a similar league. If we can get him in the Celtic environment he would thrive imo replicate his time at ostersund, I dont think he would be in a rush for another epl job after Chelsea plus he has already managed the championship and a mid epl team. Potter needs to rebuild his name similar to when rodgers first came and celtic with domestic and Euro success can offer him that.
    2nd choice is the bodo manager for near enough same reason as potter.

  9. Just like so many other huge Clubs, Celtic have completely NOT ''sourced talent'' & particularly of the home grown variety, for decades & as so lamentably evidenced by only McGregor & Tierney being of the sufficient quality to successfully make it through the ranks in the last TWENTY FIVE YEARS or so for goodness sake & even worse, the last quality (& I mean quality) home grown striker we've produced is Charlie Nicholas & that was a huge big whopping FORTY THREE YEARS ago & how on earth can that be for the attacking style of play that Celtic FC only ever play?

  10. How about a managerial team of Damien Duff and Robbie Keane ? They both have strong Celtic connections Duff has been doing very well in Ireland and Keane was highly thought of by Big Sam at Leeds .

  11. I live in Mumbai and have watched The Islanders and, while have always enjoyed the games, I can tell you that the quality of the football is not great. Even more marked is that the pressures associated with football in India are almost non existent. It is a minority sport and receives very limited coverage. Too much of a gamble for me.

  12. I think high intensity Angeball probably has a shelf life ..unless you turn players around repeatedly….from the conversation the guys were having Enda fancies Maresca…Alan Brendan or Muscat and james Knutsaen
    A little surprised kevin mckenna's name not mentioned …marvellous job at Ipswich