CAMPING in FREEZING Cold with Dog – Roof Tent

Car CAMPING in the FREEZING Cold with Dog and Roof Tent.

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Filmed on Sony a7RV Camera, dji Mic, Rode Video mic pro +, gopro Hero 11, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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47 thoughts on “CAMPING in FREEZING Cold with Dog – Roof Tent”

  1. Bruce very sadly passed away 3rd April 2023. This is the last camping trip I had with Bruce. Please cherish his final camp. Rest In Peace my beautiful Brucie ❤💔 Tony

  2. Hello Tony, I am watching you sit by the coals and can't wait to see how you get Bruce into the tent, or if you will. Best video yet. I guess I should let you know< I am new to your channel pretty much.

  3. This is THE best "last video" that has ever been made… Bruce is just SO HAPPY! You have allowed this kind of life for him, Tony. He clearly loved you to his core. Watching him play stick with you; waiting for you to join him on the river; a huge happy-pant and tail-wag — just couldn't be more beautiful. Thank you for sharing him with us. Bruce was the reason I started watching your videos way back when, but YOU are the reason I stay. Your gentle teaching manner; honest cigar-time discussions; and your sometimes silly mistakes are fodder for us. Dear Bruno is doing a might fine job and he is learning at record speed. He's a young clown, as is my dog. But he will soon be another heart-dog for you, I am sure of that. Thank you, thank you. Happy Camping and Rest In Peace sweet Brucie. Love from coastal California 🙂

  4. Hi Tony I'm new to your Channel I fell in love with it the first time I watched your videos with your late beloved dog Brucie, I enjoy every one of your videos and I will continue to watch them everyday. And yes that would be awesome for you to come to the u.s. we love you here, I live in the beautiful state of Virginia in the mountains and it's beautiful here. anyway I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to watching videos with you and your other dog Bruno he is so beautiful. God bless you always. All My Love from Edinburg Virginia (USA)

  5. Love you and Bruce. What an incredible dog. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Judging by your videos, you and Bruce were so lucky to have found each other. You enriched each other's lives. May you find comfort in all your wonderful memories. Rest in peace Brucie you will be missed.❤️🙏

  6. Hi Tony. I’ve been watching your videos for quite a while and have enjoyed them tremendously. It took a while to be able to watch the last ones with Bruce but I am glad I did. So happy to to see that your last camping adventure together was such a good one. Bruce seemed extra happy and excited which was perfect 😊🥹. RIP sweet Brucie 🌈

  7. I am 48 hours new to this channel – and hooked.
    It´s really so excruciatingly painful knowing that your joyous holiday plans would end up with the tragedy of losing Brucie. He was so strong and young – "like a puppy" (as you said). I too lost my precious soul mate within hours and could not be there in her dying moments. My only consolance is knowing I will meet her again when my time comes.

    Brucie was known and loved by many thousands out there – he will stay alive in our hearts as long as one of your viewers and subscribers breathes love and rememberance for darling Brucie.

  8. Brucie, fair winds and traveling seas, beautiful lad. You are forever in our hearts and minds.

    Tony, whenever I bite into a hot slice of pizza I always find the best thing to say is, "HOT! HOT! BEER!!!" Do it often enough and you eventually get to saying, "BEER! BEER! BEER!" You're then well on your way to a full recovery.

    As far as honesty and integrity in the States goes, you only have to look as far as the resident of the Oval Office to see the foundation of failure.

    Really enjoyed this video, sir! Oh, and fook the spammers/scammers!

  9. Tomorrow is another day, i wish you the very best with Bruno .. He will be sensational like you are with him ,have been there before with my curly Jack Russell Pippo fastest dog over 1 meter ,, love your utube

    R.I.P Bruce

  10. way to dael with the scammers is everyone who knows there a scam waist as much of there time as possible so they are always caught up having there time waisted

  11. I'm confused. Was this filmed March of 2023 or last year, 2022? Bruce looks so well and sprightly that I find it hard to believe that he passed away 3rd April 2023, leaving only a few weeks of life for him. Was he ill or was his passing sudden? My deepest condolences and I empathise with your loss. Being that it is only June 6 and this video was posted a month ago in May, I hope my comment isn't bothersome and that you and Bruce's 'family' are doing well.

  12. Collies are amazing dogs, but if you give a cm, they will take 1000 k just found this channel, and sorry, Bruce has gone over the bridge. My sisters bearded border cross. Rosie is much missed.

  13. Hi next time you cook a pizza in your stone oven when you see the crust turn a little brown turn the pizza around so it cooks evenly with the garlic bread open it so you can see it slice it down the middle it won’t burn that way you’ll be able to see it browning, love your videos 👍🥂

  14. We have enjoyed all your videos with you and Brucie doing what you love. It will be such a joy watching your bond build with Bruno. You're a great guy Tony🙏🏾🍺🏕

  15. I’m so sorry for your lost my brother. I recently discovered your videos and I am a new subscriber and I love your content. Keep it up and Bruce will always be immortalized in the YouTube world and our hearts. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  16. Sorry for your loss Tony… it was so obvious the two of you were best buds and you loved Bruce and cared for him as a proper dad.

    On a side note though, I couldn't resist watching the first ep. of outlast and that show is hot garbage. Especially compared to alone. I noticed the executive producer is Jason Bateman… an older American actor who from what I know of the films he's been in were mostly romantic comedies. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I'm actually starting to think even from the first episode that it's scripted. Theres obviously a film crew too.

  17. R.I.P Brucie you will be missed for sure i live alone and Tony you and Brucie bring me so much peace and calm thanks so much for sharing your videos and Brucie too. he will always be remembered xx

  18. I love the way everything goes a bit wrong lol this is how it is for me and am sure most other viewers, keep it real and uncut, small fails are all part of camping, my fails are usually bigger but I put that down to too much Beer lol.

  19. Forget the stupidity and let’s get back to the fun of CAMPING!
    The sight you are at is different. Not seen you in an area with nothing but rock ! A really enjoyable experience with you ! Shows us you can camp even in areas we would not have thought possible!

  20. Hi Tony sorry to hear of your loss will miss Bruce a lot
    Can you tell me where I can buy your fire pit grill I just love it I live here in Alaska would love to get this for this summer

  21. Awww Tony I'm sorry. These past couple years have been rough but you and Bruce have been such a joy to watch. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts. I know how hard it is to lose your furry family members. My family dog just recently passed and fairly sudden. Just know you gave him the best life by bringing him out with you ❤

  22. Aww. My condolences. I'm so, so sorry that you lost Bruce. He was such a great personality and I know you are missing him terribly. It's wonderful that you had so many wonderful trips with him and built so many fantastic memories.
    Thinking of you, here in Canada. 😢