Designer Dogs and Barbour Jackets – Alnwick, Bamburgh, Seahouses and Tynemouth

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We headed up to Northumberland for a few magical days camping in our tiny Peugeot Expert van.

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30 thoughts on “Designer Dogs and Barbour Jackets – Alnwick, Bamburgh, Seahouses and Tynemouth”

  1. Oh – and can we please have more meal reviews – inspired, to the point and I can almost taste how barely adequate the whole meal was. And of course you’re right – haddock is better than cod. 😊😊😊

  2. This was so hilarious, I was in tears throughout. Just discovered your channel and now very much enjoying the back catalogue. You also have exceptional taste in films. School for Scoundrels is up there but pipped, I think, by Kind Hearts and Coronets. I named my daughter Sibella in tribute to Joan Greenwood’s masterful performance in that one – they don’t make them like they used to. Please don’t stop making content – best prolonged chortle I’ve had all year.

  3. One of your best videos so far this……great fun, great locations…..Helen a delight throughout ….and a classic Yorkshireman rant!…. Loved it, cheers 👍

  4. I took my kids wild camping on those sand dunes at Bamburugh years ago. In the middle of the night I woke up swearing at someone grabbing my hand through the tent, only to find i had a grasped my own hand in my sleep. 😄 A year later I stumbled on a ghost hunter website that deatailed loads of isolated incidents there that involved disembodied ghost hands… Made the hairs stand up!!!

  5. We went to the Cod & Lobster at Staithes last bank holiday and the food in there was amazing James, if you like Fish you must go, the fish was huge ! Would advise you book as they get very busy. I found it hard to decide what to have as there was so much to choose from and they are so friendly. Highly recommend you give it a try if you are up that way, we stayed at Middlewood Farm in Robin Hoods Bay which is about half hour drive to Staithes.

  6. A minority with Range Rovers and those with Audis may be able to afford it. That's fine. But many can't. Many get these cars on crippling finance to act the part. To impress. To keep up with the neighbours. When we realise that you can have more fun, fulfilment and adventure in a Peugeot van with an IKEA mattress, coupled with an endless window of the sea (and a bit of wine), then you have found your peace. Crack on James and Helen.

  7. I’d ov ranted too I would ov said I want a drink not buy pub you were just like me n Helen just like my other half stop moaning bout prices she would ov said lol great video 😊

  8. Great channel and people keeping it honest , please don't start reviewing free powerbanks , Ebikes Scooters VPN's etc , ps if you do get any just sell em and dont tell us 🤣

  9. Hi James , just caught up on your last 3 uploads, you and Helen funny as normal good wit sense of humour,between you both , even listening to you moaning is funny 🤣, keep your videos coming , stay safe . 👍

  10. Ha Ha so funny, sound just like me when I get grumpy about stuff. I like to have a good moan, people say I'm like Karl Pilkington when I get going, lol. Loved the Tarquin reference. Love you two, you're both a good laugh.

  11. Well of course our name is a giveaway. Great vlog and your rant was like listening to me. I will say this mind; if there was 200 people in the Craster arms, I’d bet no more than 5 would be locals. The range rovers and Tarquinius are probably from Yorkshire. We get loads of them up here. 😂
    My mission now is to go into my local pub in Craster village to price up your drinks. I’m betting it will be more. Watch this space.

  12. I know Blackpool wasn’t your most enjoyable jaunt but next time your on the Fylde coast give Lytham a try maybe during the festival. Fantastic channel nice to you guys enjoying life.

  13. Hi you 2 great vids we love them ! How do you fancy a pub tour of the Isle of Wight ? We have a large house with a big drive for you to park 😎send me your email and I will send you some pictures all the best chris Jenny and Brian the dog

  14. You know what guys I reckon you should do pub reviews as well as the van life, cause you do like a jar or two the pair on ya..
    Getting some big views nowadays as well really glad for the pair of you, glad to say I was there from the beginning guys , and it's nowt to do with van life why I watch your videos it's you pair …
    Take care now❤
    Van life best pubs best sites …..
    More viewers more candy easy life …..
    God bless ❤
    Get ya new matching Barbour jackets and a couple of hounds😂😂😂