Fox Kids Countdown Radio Promo

This promo was aired during an episode of the Animaniacs on Fox Kids.

I never actually listened to a radio station about Fox Kids and didn’t know that at the time. Wished I did thou, but unfortunately I was a very young kid in the 90’s and I would’ve been shy or not knowing what to say if I used a phone to chat with special guest star.

So in the Fox Kids Countdown plays every Sunday on the Radio. The problem is that I have no idea what Radio Station plays for that. Now these days are podcasts which is unfortunately in my opinion, way to obscure to know which platform is playing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this rare 90’s commercial to remember.

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1 thought on “Fox Kids Countdown Radio Promo”

  1. I remember this, god, how I remember this. While I'm sure there plenty of other guest hosts, the one I remember most is Sam and Max due to the fact they made the funniest voice overs during "My Heart Will Go On" which of course was dominating the charts not long after Titanic premiered.