Have Trinny and Susannah met their MATCH!?

Welcome to another episode of What Not To Wear UK, and this episode is full of completely different makeover drama than any …

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44 thoughts on “Have Trinny and Susannah met their MATCH!?”

  1. Bras are the bane of my existance. Trying to find a sports bra for a G cup that actually allows me to run comfortably is so hard!! Especially when I do not have a tonne of money to splash around. But can confirm a good fitting bra can make a huge difference.

    Edited to add: We need a version of this show where Luxeria helps people find their style and does it respectfully ❤

  2. The amount of Luxeria editing breaks is cracking me up and reminds me of every conversation I've ever tried to have with ADD

  3. This is what passed for body positivity in the early 2000s.

    “Well, honey, your body may be ugly, but at least we can give you some tips to make you conform to societal expectations”