How to Modify a Power Rangers Lightening Collection Power Morpher – GREEN RANGER EDITION!

In honour of the late Jason David Frank I’ve modified a pink series lightning collection morpher to make a custom Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Tommy Oliver Green Ranger Morpher without buying official decals.

DIY on a Power Rangers Lightning Collection Power Morpher by Hasbro from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) line turned into a Power Rangers lightning Collection Green Ranger Morpher.

Here i walk you through the process and show you what easy to find and cheap products you can buy to modify your own morpher.

As we move towards the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary, May the power protect you all!!

Hope you enjoy, any tips or queries please leave a comment. I’ll be doing more morpher reviews / modifications so if you enjoyed please subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Link to Starlight Studios ebay shop where I got the dragon power coin from:

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3 thoughts on “How to Modify a Power Rangers Lightening Collection Power Morpher – GREEN RANGER EDITION!”

  1. Just made one with the pink morpher just like your video! Came out awesome!!! Love my green ranger morpher. Even better with the pink as it was his gf on the show. Makes it that much more special

  2. Just made one out of the yellow ranger and also ordered all the front decals from BD15 to go with it. Thanks for the simple and helpful video. This project was super simple and now I have a green ranger morpher for my cosplay

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