How to Turn a old unloved pot cupboard into a Bohemian Beauty. Diamonds Glitter and Shine Challenge.

Welcome to another challenge tutorial. The Challenge for this one was a little outside of Lel’s norm and the brief for this one was Diamonds, Glitter and Shine. Not exactly Bohemian but Lel gave it a good go. Hope you enjoy this little one and please have a look at the playlist below to see what everyone else did with this challenge.


The link for the playlist for all the videos in this challenge can be found here:

Lel asked me to drop a link to the Gold dimensional paint she used near the end of the video to create the effects she did. Its only £3.79 on Amazon and the link to it is:

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26 thoughts on “How to Turn a old unloved pot cupboard into a Bohemian Beauty. Diamonds Glitter and Shine Challenge.”

  1. Very beautiful!
    Sparkly isn’t me but it is lovely ❤️never have tried paint pour so that was great to learn and you make it look so easy.
    I especially liked the peacock feather you drew freehand! When I first saw this piece I was thinking it must be a stencil! Another spectacular video!❤️

  2. OMG ! That is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! I’m just blown away with your talent 👏👏
    I’ve just come across your video and after seeing this my God I was quick to subscribe
    All the way from Western Australia.
    My goodness can’t wait to see your next video 🤗

  3. That was definitely a case of more is more. Every embellishment made it pop even more. I have fond memories of mixing glitter and PVA glue at primary school…will give your technique a go as soon as possible I think 😊🧡🧡

  4. I thought your work pace looked different!!! the blending is so beautiful!! i have never tried paint pouring you are such an inspiration Lel!!! I did a peacock inspired piece as well too!! i love that you handpainted your feathers!! it turned out amazing as always!! i hope you are feeling better i have been thinking about you!

  5. I am almost overwhelmed by this piece! Peacocks are my thing and this one is amazing. I actually think I might be able to paint those feathers because you showed how so we'll. Thanks for showing us this gorgeous transformation.