Massive DVD Mystery Box Thing 6 | Ashens

OLL Convention!
Do you like movies? Do you like shiny round things? Do you like movies digitally encoded on shiny round things? I hope so, because this video has more MPEG2 files on optical media than any reasonable person could hope for! Or something!

There’s a surprising number of films here that seem pretty mainstream but I’ve never heard of. Is there a whole substrata of kid’s CGI animations featuring talking animals that somehow fly under the radar? I’m not sure I want to know.

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46 thoughts on “Massive DVD Mystery Box Thing 6 | Ashens”

  1. The reason Ghostbusters 2 has a sketch on the disk is coz it’s from a box set of both movies, with a sketchbook of original designs from the movies included – so all the internals have a sketch theme (I own it!)

  2. There's 6 or 7 home alones

    Home alone
    Home alone 2 alone in new york
    Home alone 3
    Home alone 4
    Home alone 5 the holiday heist
    Home alone remake

    And an asylum rip off film about a dog

  3. Is this an Ebay UK thing with those mystery boxes containing discs only? On German Ebay i only found DVD mystery boxes with cases. 50 for 30 euros and such.

  4. Spike Jonzes's take on Where the Wild Things Are is anything but a laugh if Im being honest. Its depressing as all hell in some moments. A real solid film in its own right, just one that kind of scared me when I was a kid lol.

  5. Ashens could literally start supporting a Hitler/Stalin hybrid called Josedolph Stitler and his view on Mrs Brown's Boys will always endear him to me.

  6. Dear Mr. Ashens,

    I am sending you this comment in the form of a letter in hopes that it will find you well. I hope you are well in your Brown Sofa HyperPrison.

    Please do another one of these, they are unfathomably interesting to watch for reasons I cannot put into words.

    Well wishes,
    Internet Commenter,

  7. So happy to see one of my most favorite channels still exists, when I first got into YouTube ashens game console reviews, and other random shite kept me company, this is truly an og channel next to nigahiga and what happens if I microwave this lmao😂

  8. Not sure if this would actually be something of your interest, but I found out "The Amazing Mystery Box" are doing one of these DVDs/Blu-Ray boxes as well, except they're all Disney.

  9. Why does it say coolrom on the Serenity DVD at 14 minutes in? That was the prime site for all kinds of ROMs and emulators back in the day, surprised to see it printed on a Serenity DVD of all things.

  10. That guess about The Wipers Times was either inspired or incredible. It's about some WW1 soldiers who found a printing press and put out a spoof-newspaper that became quite popular among the troops. The name is, indeed, a reference to how they originally expected the pages to finally be used.

  11. I remember that Disney Princess DVD I believe its just a compilation of animated shorts and episodes all put into one disc. I think it also had games on it as well.

  12. They used to play Cleopatra 2525 back to back with a Bruce Campbell show knocking off Zorro called 'Jack of All Trades'.

    Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.