New Marvel Legends, Terminator, Transformers and Spider-Man 2 looks Amazing!

If you’ve got the time then we’ve got the news and it’s a whopper episode!

00:00 Intro
00:24 Hot Toys Batman
02:42 Super 7 Cheetara
04:00 Marvel Legends West Coast Avengers
05:50 Storm Collectibles Wolf
07:36 Hot Toys Spider-Verse
11:24 NECA TMNT 3 tease
12:17 12” McFarlane Dark Flash
13:45 Mafex Joker and Zoffy
14:50 Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme
17:00 NECA Gremlins
18:22 Kamen Rider
19:25 Hiya Storm Shadow
Opening Animation by @stopmotionzach on Instagram

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26 thoughts on “New Marvel Legends, Terminator, Transformers and Spider-Man 2 looks Amazing!”

  1. Late to the show, but my take on Michael Keaton's good looks in the Flash film is this: The "Mr. Mom, 80's Perm, Joe Piscopo, Curly Cool Dad, Danny McBride Mullet" that he had in Batman (and even more so in Batman Returns) aged him up, but now he's like "Rubber Nipples Clooney" hot!! #justsaynoperms -2Ts

  2. I have an idea for a marvel legends spider man comic wave idk what the baf would be maybe the lizard you could suggest to me if you want the baf to be but the figures would contain an ultimate scorpion and prowler scorpion having a wire tail and interchangeable hands for both, and a newer lasher, also the spot comic version, also a tombstone, and classic chameleon thoughts

  3. I feel like Dark Flash looks bad because of how McFarlane does details and paint. Especially the chalky looking faces.

    Also think the statue and the action figure version would look way better if the base plastic was the same stuff they used for that purple Nightmare Batman BAF thing. Doing a yellowish amber hued plastic and paint black over that, so any light can light it up a bit like an energy effect.

  4. Wow man that was a great interview you're really an education, your learning the ins-and-outs straight from the people,man that is killer I like that Great job brother 👍

  5. 30:21 I’m SO EXCITED FOR SPIDER-MAN 2!!
    I hope that they are going to use the backpack lore that they have in the first game.

    Kraven has gotten such a lift with power like some actual hunters in modern age and would be interesting to see how long they last till kraven goes solo.


    I love how the symbiote has been shown how it wraps itself on Peter with the classic symbiote logo with the modern concepts of the symbiote like it’s texture (looking more like a oily latex than a cloth in the comics that Peter confuses it being, my headconnon it being like it’s clothing form looks like satin as it’s a shiny material) and how it affects people’s behavior

  6. 27:24 yeah that sounds like a fun route to og nick fury. I love how they did nick fury jr being also based on the ultimate nick fury who’s based on Sam Jackson. Wish we could see nick fury jr’s mother and shows the fury Family

  7. 21:57 Idk for movies either sometimes they’ll age better than some like GOTG2 getting more love than when it was out in theaters by fans. I remember Deadpool 2 gotten some criticism but became as loved as the first movie after a year.

  8. 2:00 Honestly would have thought they could’ve continued the dceu & I had some ideas on how. I have seen people more interested in Keaton, shasha, gal gagot and Affleck. I was in middle to high school with the Snyderverse movies (mos, bvs, WW & ZSJL if it was originally released back in 2017) so I was gonna say that dceu will get some nostalgia when Gunn’s DCU chapter 2 gets rolling. I hope that Gunn does something like a twist of his dcu isn’t a rewrite of a timeline (he said that it’ll be a soft reboot on Instagram) but a separate universe and have some sort of crossover movies and get some stories to see.

  9. The Stormshadow design is the original redesign for Classified. I think when they heard all the negative reaction to the redesigns they went back and did more classic versions. I had this as well as the first wave redesigns on my desk for work years ago and this is the only one that was different- actually, Baroness had a bunch more gold as well.

  10. Never thought NECA would do Samurai Pizza Cats; I'm in. I ordered the Ramen Racer too and hope more people can join to get those translucent tires at 2K units.