NUFC Transfer Show

NUFC Transfer Show.

Join the lads as they look at more names that are linked and see what they could bring to the squad should they sign for Newcastle United.

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15 thoughts on “NUFC Transfer Show”

  1. Hiya Ditchey, I hope Maxi stays, and be super sub, if anyone is reading this, is Newcastle on any streaming services or live on any channels, when playing in America? hopefully we can get James Maddison through the door fairly soon, I wouldn't mind Dominik (the Hungarian) also, but we cant always have everything, the racial remarks on Joelinton is an utter disgrace, no place for it in this day and age, this is Choppy in Whitehaven, Cumbria, England

  2. Can we please get a bit of hype for this guy from Twente in Holland – Gijs Smal buy him. he could become a monster leftback in newcastle and for cheap 🙂

  3. I like Maddison and believe he could contribute to the team well, but does anyone else think £50m for Maddison is far too much? I think Newcastle are being taken for a ride by Leicester if it is £50m

  4. I'd love us to sign Maddison asap. Just can't see how as he is away with England at the moment. Where we he have time to do photos etc with the shirt. Unless we are going to do that separately. I think it'll be a while yet for Maddison as he's a bit of a marquee signing they'll want to do a video release surely.

  5. Despite the domestic window opening on June 14, clubs will not able to sign players based overseas until the international window opens on Saturday July 1.

  6. Qatar owned? Pffft.
    Man U could be owned by Spacely’s Sprockets and George Jetzen could be the new manager, and I wouldn’t despise them any more.
    Hate those feckers.