Playmates Toys Star Trek Universe Year 1: 2022 – All Figures Review and Comparison! [Soundout12]

“A New Universe is Born”

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Thumbnails and other graphics created by Ryan-Darkclaw643!

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00:00 – Intro/2022 in Review
02:56 – Wrath of Khan Figures
09:55 – The Next Generation Figures
15:54 – Discovery Figures
20:04 – Role-Play/Ships
22:10 – Outro/The Future

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11 thoughts on “Playmates Toys Star Trek Universe Year 1: 2022 – All Figures Review and Comparison! [Soundout12]”

  1. For the TNG figures I wish they had released Worf instead of Riker, as having Picard, Data, and Worf we would have had at least the three most popular / developed characters from the show.

    Only other gripe is how weirdly small data's arms are. I don't know why they bothered making a pair of smaller arms when using Picard's would have been easier. Any figure look bad with too-small arms but it's exacerbated by the fact that Brent spiner has noticeably long arms which interestingly the playmates figure captured.

  2. Do we know if they're planning on releasing more characters in this line? I still need Geordi, Worf, Troy and O'Brien at least for my display. Not sure whether to invest in the new ones or just pick up the old Playmates TNG figures.

  3. This Christmas I got a 1990s battle-damaged Riker; even if flawed, I adore this figure. I think newer ones lack this "charm" but I agree Saru and Burnham are the best of the set. Prodigy guys look very well in the photos so I'm optimistic about the future. This year is the 30th Anniversary of DS9, so maybe we'll see some figures from that show

  4. Wow. Didnt notice the sticker for the enterprise sitting a bit higher that it should. Yikes! Wish all the decals were printed instead.

  5. I got the Picard and Burnham figures for Christmas and yeah, they're decent. The lines on the back of Picard's tricorder were on the very first release of the TNG First Wave 1992 figure with the season 5 captain's jacket on rather than the standard duty uniform. So they just brought that back from 30 years ago. I took them both off their stands though just because Picard wasn't staying on it properly and I didn't want him to knock over his older Playmates and Galoob versions, creating a domino effect on my Star Trek shelf. Lol.

  6. Hi' personally don't like the UK/Europe card! Firstly they don't show all the figures in the first wave and series together and also there's no mention of all the chocking hazards which are with the figure or anything about the character you have . I would of preferred they had put the different anniversary information on the
    European cards.I hate the way there's a gap at the back of the figures heads when the head is bent forwards! Especially Picards. One of the plus thing with the new card is that all the original cards have a crease across the back of the card because of the height of the cards. Making the new ones shorter I don't think this will be a problem with the new cards. I've noticed that on all the cards I have there's a impression of the size of the plastic on the back on my cards. why have they made the depth of the plastic so big! I don't think the new cards will last the way the original one have the card seems to be made different . Too anyone who reads this its only my opinion and I'm not being negative its just my observation and my thoughts. I'm looking forwards too the next wave as well. Does any one know the reason why the prodigy figures have been pulled back for release!. I had my pre-order cancelled.