Power Rangers Lightning Collection Alien Rangers Mighty Morphin 5-Pack Boxset Review

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Alien Rangers Mighty Morphin 5-Pack Boxset Review

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is a Power Rangers mini-series primarily adapted from the 18th Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. The mini-series continues the narrative established in the 3rd Season of MMPR, as the now-children Power Rangers are unable to fight, forcing Zordon recruit the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to assist the team until they can regain their adult selves.

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22 thoughts on “Power Rangers Lightning Collection Alien Rangers Mighty Morphin 5-Pack Boxset Review”

  1. Could someone please tell me exactly where the sets of figures that are going to the US are right now? Because the UK already have theirs but the US sellers aren't even allowed to start shipping them.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the Alien Rangers, but I would hate myself if I don't get these guys. The box art looks great and the figures look accurate to how they did in the series, I just wish that they had all came with a sword and blaster effect piece… But other than that, I think it's great 👍

  3. Thanks for the review, Dan!

    Am I seeing things or is Aurico a different shade of Red from MMPR Red and Zeo Red? The Forever Red team might already be due for a definitive version just as soon as we finally complete the first draft. 😅

  4. the only problem I have is that the alternate hands are all based on their posing hands….except black. Blue could get away with his shooting hands for his… so slightly disappointing.

  5. They could have given them all fists and expressive hands along with the trigger fingers. The clean ninja armored look is slick. I like how they look together. But I’m passing on these as I don’t remember their story.

  6. Awesome review, they look amazing!! Can't wait to get mine! I'm not too upset about the lack of "civilian" heads because they were never shown helmetless with their ranger suits on during the show. But some additional hands or some kind of water accessory/water effect addition would have been nice though to makeup for the lack of extra head sculpts (cause they sure didn't lower the price!)

  7. I wish they all came with fists and Yellow and Black came with expressive hands but overall not too bad of a set. I'm glad the guys have pins though cause the pinless bodies have too many issues.

  8. Good to see a whole team with consistent details. 7:11 Promo pics show otherwise, but for show accuracy, the Aquitian Laser is holstered with the trigger guard facing forward. Still not completely accurate though because in holster mode the grip is straight up as seen on the box cover. The laser and knife are the same weapon, so one small nitpick is that the hoops aren't the same color on both accessories.

  9. Actually, the dagger version is what goes in the holsters not the gun version.

    Oh, and white is the leader, not red. 🙂

    I have mixed thoughts on this set. Not a fan of the pinned joints, and I kind of would rather get the Shodo version of the team, but I just can't see Bandai doing any villains to go with them. At least, there is a chance Hasbro will do Master Vile and Rito, if nothing else.

    I can't say I'm a big fan of the Alien Rangers, but Kakuranger is my second favorite Sentai series, so of course this set (unless I do go with the Shodo one) is a must buy. I was hoping Hasbro would do Turbo and LSR in box set form, but apparently not.