Race Chaser S15 E8 “LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown”

You make me want to La La! This week the queens put on their best leotards for bucking and hit the stage for a LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown! Alaska and Willam revel in the glory of Sasha Colby, praise Anetra’s abilities, and have some light critique for the fashions and hair choices of others. And it’s a video episode this week, as Willam calls in from Hawaii and Alaska pods from her big green chair. Top 9 baby!

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41 thoughts on “Race Chaser S15 E8 “LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown””

  1. Willam has the most stable jaw and perfect makeup that I’ve ever seen from a person under the influence of MDMA haha!
    I’d have looked like a sweaty tooth- grinding mess if I’d have to have appeared on a podcast after taking that 🥵 ( many many years ago now though tbf 🤣🤣🙈)

  2. We all need to come to terms with the universal truth – I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again! 🤷🏻‍♂️🪩

  3. You're forgetting it was the first MTV season. The audience would know who Sugar and Spice are, and it would be a double win to put them onto the first MTV season. Ru smartly built new audiences of a younger generation with that move. I think y'all substantially underestimate The Ru.

  4. Hello! I love you two so much you inspire me in so many ways. And I don't really understand why the continuous success of people I don't know IRL fills me with so much joy! But it does. That being said, I just wanted to drop my opinion in the comment box about the decision to save Spice & how every one knows it was a gift. I watched a 1 minute clip of Spice returning to the work room, I'll post it at the bottom for context. Watching that clip coupled with your seasoned professional commentary still fresh in my head I realized look at who she is around I'm there. The amazing performers that also see something brewing in her baby drag. I am happy she has the opportunity. I hope she is smart like Shangala who was also drag-tiscly under estimated One upon a time.
    I really appreciate your artistry so much.
    Much Love

  5. I think you are right about the Alaska prompt for the judge's panels. They have definitely been coordinating this season! I think they are finally getting their act together fashion wise. People are looking!