Super Rare Retro Pickups ( Amiga / Spectrum / Arcade / Remakes / Vectrex )

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Vintage and modern retro pickups are the topic today with Alex from the Arcade Archive
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00:00 Intro
00:50 Cake of the day
01:20 Last Ninja 2 Limited Edition
05:14 Who are
05:39 Shadow of the Beast 2 with T-Shirt
08:50 Kung-Fu Master Arcade PCB
13:19 Amiga Electrocoin Games
20:45 David Rowe Artwork
27:05 Castle Warrior Amiga
30:58 Vyrzon Vectrex Game
34:07 It Returned to the Desert
37:38 Food Fight mini arcade
41:43 Hit Squad Amiga Collection
44:35 Death Star Interceptor ZX Spectrum
49:12 Imagine Software collection
51:30 Outro

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33 thoughts on “Super Rare Retro Pickups ( Amiga / Spectrum / Arcade / Remakes / Vectrex )”

  1. Damocles and Paul Woakes: Hello, I watched you guys, and its always a pleasure, but my anticipation for your review of Damocles grew, and grew till the end, I was quite disappointed that you left it on the desk untouched. 

    I think Damocles and all other Paul Woakes creations deserve their own video. 
    Where was the Novagen office located (not in the game, but in real life)? 
    Did anyone ever meet Paul Woakes, the shy genius behind all the early brilliant 3D magic. 
    And the story of those games! How many open world 3D games have you bought where the box contained a bus time table!? 
    That's right, if you had no other means of transportation, you could wait for the bus to arrive. 
    His games, Encounter, Mercenary and Damocles were truly marvels at their time.

  2. That was great and really interesting. Alex always mentions places where he played arcade games and towns where he saw/bought games and I went to the exact same places so brings back good memories. I also have that Last Ninja 2 limited edition game with all the bits in there, but now I see the shuriken is missing the bag 🙁

  3. This definitely needs to be a monthly/bi monthly series…love things like this.
    Really cool items that came with Last Ninja 2
    Some of the other fun items I’ve found in Amiga games are a set of gold flights with Gremlins John Lowes Ultimate Darts and a balloon with Ghostbusters 2

  4. Can i ask you it is not about games even i have original games back from the 90s and 2000 …but about programs…I have a ton whit original diskets from the 90S and more whit all kind of original programs but i dont know if someone today collect them i think so do they are original….Ebay is that a place for serious people who collect?….Thanks and sorry for my qusetion and bad speling..:)

  5. I'm just 1 min 30 into the video, and I already know that I want this to be a series, and I want every episode to start with one of you bringing a light snack to start it all off. Needs to happen 😀

  6. Neil, you do not have the complete Electrocoin collection! You said it yourself that they released those two games on both Amiga and Atari ST so you only have half the collection. I know you are an Amiga snob and don't think the Atari ST matters in your view, however you are running a museum of gaming so you can not ignore half the market for 16-bit home computers!

    So why does it matter to have a game on both Amiga and Atari ST/E? To show the differences in the games, mostly with the sounds and music but also how the high end Amiga games used the hardware to greater effect than the low end games making them look better than their Atari ST versions while the low end games look the same.

    They may initially seem like the same games but when you look more closely there are stories to tell, stories suited for gaming museums.

  7. Oh my, Kung Fu master, you guys triggered a memory for me. I spent a summer in the 80's with my Mom visiting and living with family in the UK (mostly Summerset) and for a couple of weeks we lived with my Mom's Aunt and Uncle in Brighton. I can remeber taking the bus into town and going to the Arcade on the peer to play Kung Fu Master. I remember my "Uncle" George giving me a pocket full of change to go.

  8. Time Soldier as only one player? Loved it in the arcades. Great content guys, sat in the office here in Thailand, thoroughly enjoying my lunch hour!

  9. I was lucky enough to know the manger of a commodore store back in the day. And the game companies used to send games to see if they wanted to carry it in store. He was nice and let me take and keep the demos. The demos were the full versions of the game, boxes and all. Yes I was very lucky!

  10. I was big into martial arts as teen also. I was a small kid, and in school I actually did defend myself with the skills,and ended up with some respect as person who could handle myself. But a license? Interesting? Not needed where I lived. I still have my 1st pair of real chucks I made for myself back then. I became proficient with them. I also was big computer nerd of course, and have humble collection of 80's tech

  11. I had an original Kung Fu Master Cabinet that had no board inside or screen I kept it for a couple of years
    with the intention of converting it into a name machine got part of the way there but my wife asked me to get rid as it was taking up too much room I'm gutted now watching this

  12. I love how Alex brings out Neil's inner sassiness. Something we don't usually see on RMC. Two beautiful specimens I'd make sandwiches with any day of the week 💓