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However, we can’t put this one higher simply because the “core” Spirit Animals of the Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah, all look similar (the Cheetah and Jaguar are near identical). The Galactabeasts started out as just giant animals who are saved by the team of Power Rangers early on in the show. The Galactabeasts encompass everything we love about the early Power Rangers seasons; they have a goofy, overly-complex design but still show off that air of power that so many of the early Zords had. If that wasn’t enough, it had the Quasar Sabers and the Galactabeasts. If that wasn’t enough, toddler power ranger costume the Ninja Steel Megazord looks atrocious! Upon first glance the Ninja Steel Zords look like a complete mashup of ideas without rhyme or reason. Power Rangers Samurai and its sequel Super Samurai were the first seasons of the Neo-Saban Era of the show. The fact that they were a bunch of giant humanoids with major variations in design and size adds to the cohesion of the show’s theme (rather than something from, say, Ninja Steel) by making them appear to be an extension of the Power Rangers themselves. So why are there no dinosaurs in Ninja Steel?

They become the Dino Thunder Rangers and use their power to take on Mesagog, a being hellbent on reverting the earth back to the days of the dinosaurs. What on earth do a dump truck, a train, a white dog, a dragon, and a giant ninja have in common? The Mystic Zords are great because unlike the Alien Rangers’ Zords they actually have some distinct features. The Rangers were all adults who worked for the organization Lightspeed Rescue. He’s also the one in his friend group who figures out how to get away from the Putties that attack them and help the Power Rangers before he, Rocky, and Aisha ever get powers. Apparently, the first rule of Power Rangers is, don’t talk about Power Rangers. First the Red Turbo Ranger and eventually second-in-command of the Space Rangers, T.J. People may be the most familiar with the Zordon Era of Power Rangers, but Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is often in the mix when you ask somebody what their favorite season of the show is. Although the show was your pretty standard Power Rangers series, it was a welcome return to form after some of the worse Disney seasons.

The trains that carried their vehicles into battle also had the ability to morph together and form a new Megazord all their own. The fact that these Zords were all made by human hands makes us a little more forgiving; it’s a slightly less ridiculous than an ancient being deciding to create their battle robots out of modern-day vehicles. “They needed more of that superhero, larger than life, a bit more playful. 4. Harley Quinn Costume: So maybe Harley Quinn isn’t exactly a superhero, but she comes close enough. They look all fine and dandy, but the real bread and butter of the Ninja Storm season comes from the “sixth Ranger” Zords (or fourth, fifth, and sixth Rangers in this case). Aralynn is an award-winning Cosplayer who’s been making her own costumes for over 10 years, including a fantastic rendition of the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This was the first of the “self-contained” seasons, taking place after Power Rangers In Space but with a completely new story and set of characters. Maybe it’s simply because this is the first season that the cheap CGI used by the show has finally caught up to the quality of the original costumes after all these years?

Considering the rapid growth of the number of sales, the manufacturers should be able to increase their quality and service after the sale. Nearly nine years later, Adam would be called back to action once more. The Zords of this season were called the Folding Zords – and with good reason. This year for some reason they don’t have the diamonds on the bottom cuffs, maybe the boots are sold separately that come with the diamonds and I don’t see them. The core three are fairly standard; you have your falcon, a lion, and a dolphin. The Rhino, Elephant, Lion, and Bat Spirit Animals are some of the coolest-looking Zords in the entire show. It had arguably the funniest villain of the entire series in Lothor and his goons, mens power ranger costume plus the Rangers’ costumes were universally great across the board. Samurai also featured one of the greatest Zord/Megazord combinations in the entire series. Dino Thunder is often considered one of the best seasons of the show thanks to its amazing villain, the inclusion of Tommy Oliver as the Rangers’ mentor, its fun tone, and the constant callbacks to earlier seasons. The Power Rangers have always had a fanbase, but the franchise’s popularity was revitalized in 2017, thanks to a brand new movie that introduced the characters to a whole new generation.

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