Toy Hunt Best Buy Target Marvel Legends $12 & less Mcfarlane NECA HaulaThon Funko Anime Exclusives

What’s Up YouTube??? Your Guy Kentpool here to show where to Toy Hunt in the Carolinas!!! Charlotte, NC video to see what’s new in the area! Uptown Best Buy & Uptown Target ! Clearance, sales new figures in this Toy Hunt! What all did we find in stores???

Toy Hunt Best Buy Target Marvel Legends $12 & less Mcfarlane NECA HaulaThon Funko Anime Exclusives

BBTS link

Retro Toys & Collectibles
400 east main St. Cherryville, NC 980-989-5181

Needless Toys & Collectibles on Facebook & Instagram
820 E Main St. Unit B Lincolnton, NC 28092

Wolf King Customs
actiofigure.showroom for Custom Dwarf Heads Marc!
Mythic Legeions Cabal on FB & IG

Steel Collectibles.

2nd Chance Toys & Collectibles on Instagram 2ndchancetoys
3372 Canton Rd #124, Marietta, GA
Toy Federation on Instagram toyfederationshop
104 Middleton Way, Greer, South Carolina also on Instagram
Max Bird Shop – maxbird986 on Instagram

Jersey Geek

Seth on Instagram whats_poppin._
New Channel Collector’s Shot

Law Creations Facebook group and YouTube

Greg Cook Photography on YouTube
gregcookphotography on Instagram

Big Dub on Youtube
On Instagram bigdub60

Josh Pence on YouTube
Pence Pack facebook group! On Instagram joshpence_hunts

OG Geek


Comics & Cocktails

Display Shelf Hack


Gridiron @GRIDIRON STUDIOS on YouTube & IG

Amazon Store Front Find the Figures you need!!!!

Check out what I’m selling on Mercari!

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Jedha Patrol

Greg Cook

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Terry Smith on Youtube

Ssalefish Comics ssalefishconcorod on IG or

Doc’s Basement on Facebook & Instagram

Glamma Funko

hasbropulse for more Marvel Legends

On the road to the Therapy Table with Greg Cook!!!

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Kent Matzinger
PO BOX 32212
Charlotte, NC 28232

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Peppa Pig Tales Peppa Really Needs To Go To The Bathroom! BRAND NEW Peppa Pig Episodes

Peppa is desperate needs to go to the bathroom…but the Pig family can’t
find one anywhere!!

Peppa Pig Tales Peppa Pig Is Desperate For The Toilet! BRAND NEW Peppa Pig Episodes

Watch more Peppa here!

#Peppa #PeppaPig #PeppaPigEnglish

Jump into the World of Peppa Pig – filled with lots of learning and fun! Join A little pig named Peppa, and her little brother George have journeys everyday with their family and friends, all while teaching little ones about friendship and compassion in the process. The Peppa Pig Official YouTube channel is a safe place for kids to watch their favourite Peppa Pig clips and full episodes, with special compilations, seasonal content, and exclusive videos, only available on the Official Peppa Pig YouTube channel. Peppa aims to create a safe environment with age-appropriate content so you can have peace of mind whilst your little piggies interact with the Peppa Pig official Channel. We have created a world of Peppa with episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans happy. Here at Peppa Pig Official channel, kids can be happy and smart! Watch Peppa Pig clips and episodes where Peppa Pig play games with her friends, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tell the bedtime stories, Peppa Pig sings nursery rhymes and songs, Peppa and her family and friends celebrate Christmas and Halloween together! Peppa Pig episodic animation, Peppa Pig songs for kids, Peppa Pig toy play and Peppa Pig Stop motion create a world that centres on the everyday experiences of young children. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe. Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favourite things include playing games and music, learning animal sounds, dressing up, days out, shopping, holidays and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

Peppa Pig Official YouTube Channels
Peppa Pig – Official Channel:
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Meet Peppa Pig and her family:
Peppa Pig is a lovable but slightly bossy little pig. She is four years old and lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George. Peppa likes playing with her best friend Suzy Sheep, visiting Granny and Grandpa Pig and looking after George. Most of all, Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles, laughing and making loud snorting noises.
George Pig is Peppa’s little brother. He is 18 months old and loves to play with his big sister, Peppa – even when she’s being bossy. George’s favourite thing is his toy dinosaur. He carries it everywhere with him. George can’t speak yet but can say one word very well: ‘Dine-saw!’
Mummy Pig likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles almost as much as Peppa. She works from home on her computer and sometimes lets Peppa and George help, as long as they don’t bash the keyboard. She is better at map reading than Daddy Pig and is very wise about most things.
Daddy Pig is very jolly and laughs all the time, especially when he plays with Peppa and George. Daddy Pig reads the paper and gets excited about trips in the car. He loves cookies and pumpkin pie and Peppa teases him about his big round tummy. Daddy Pig can be a tiny bit grumpy sometimes when he can’t remember where he put his glasses.

Have fun with Peppa Pig and her friends: Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony, Zoe Zebra, Emily Elephant, Freddy Fox, Kylie Kangaroo, Wendy Wolf, Gabriella Goat, Gerald Giraffe, Molly Mole, Belinda Bear, Delphine Donkey, Peggi and Pandora Panda, Mandy Mouse, Simon Squirrel!

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BabyBus – Nursery Rhymes:
Little Angel:

PEPPA PIG © ASTLEY BAKER DAVIES LTD/ENTERTAINMENT ONE UK LTD 2003. Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.

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Wolfoo Pretend Play School with Mommy! – Mommy is the Best @wolfoo-officialchannel

Wolfoo Pretend Play School with Mommy! – Mommy is the Best @wolfoo-officialchannel
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