Super Rare Retro Pickups ( Amiga / Spectrum / Arcade / Remakes / Vectrex )

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Vintage and modern retro pickups are the topic today with Alex from the Arcade Archive
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00:00 Intro
00:50 Cake of the day
01:20 Last Ninja 2 Limited Edition
05:14 Who are
05:39 Shadow of the Beast 2 with T-Shirt
08:50 Kung-Fu Master Arcade PCB
13:19 Amiga Electrocoin Games
20:45 David Rowe Artwork
27:05 Castle Warrior Amiga
30:58 Vyrzon Vectrex Game
34:07 It Returned to the Desert
37:38 Food Fight mini arcade
41:43 Hit Squad Amiga Collection
44:35 Death Star Interceptor ZX Spectrum
49:12 Imagine Software collection
51:30 Outro

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