Toy Hunt Best Buy Target Marvel Legends $12 & less Mcfarlane NECA HaulaThon Funko Anime Exclusives

What’s Up YouTube??? Your Guy Kentpool here to show where to Toy Hunt in the Carolinas!!! Charlotte, NC video to see what’s new in the area! Uptown Best Buy & Uptown Target ! Clearance, sales new figures in this Toy Hunt! What all did we find in stores???

Toy Hunt Best Buy Target Marvel Legends $12 & less Mcfarlane NECA HaulaThon Funko Anime Exclusives

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1:51 The Black Series, Convention Exclusive Darth Vader
5:02 The Black Series, Endor Commando
7:52 The Vintage Collection Darth Vader (ROTJ)
11:00 The Vintage Collection Admiral Piett
12:54 The Vintage Collection Han Solo (ROTJ)
14:20 The Vintage Collection Weequay
15:28 The Black Series ARC Trooper Jesse
17:19 The Black Series Ki-Adi Mundi
18:41 The Vintage Collection Clone Captain Howzer
20:12 The Vintage Collection Clone Trooper (Phase II Armor)
21:54 The Vintage Collection Phase II Clone Trooper (Troop Builder)
20:04 The Vintage Collection Starkiller
25:30 Retro Collection The Mandalorian (Prototype Edition)
27:06 The Black Series Scout Trooper Helmet

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Vintage Toy Treasures at Peddler’s Post & Toys 4 Life! THE ROAD TO KANE COUNTY EP2

Get in the van and let’s toy hunt! We hit up Peddler’s Post and Toys 4 Life in Missouri on our way to Chicago & get a special care package from Lara!

00:00 Intro
00:56 Peddler’s Post Toy Hunt
11:59 Toys 4 Life Toy Hunt
19:50 Unboxing Viewer Mail
23:06 In the next episode

Peddler’s Post:
Toys 4 Life:

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