The Crazy World of CEX: Episode 2 – Lowestoft, Cambridge & Thetford

Welcome to the crazy world of CEX! My continuing mission to visit every CEX store, in the world! From the weird to the wonderful, the big to the small I plan to visit them all. So join me for an epic adventure to visit them all all while building my dream game collection along the way!

This time we’ll be going to three different CEX stores from all over the U.K. out of the hundreds of stores, and even though they’re all part of a chain, they’re all so different, whilst finishing the episode as usual in my local CEX store of Norwich.

This time we’re off to the mostly easterly settlement in the U.K. and a TINY store in Lowestoft, the university town of Cambridge and finally the forest surrounded town of Thetford.

This time we find some amazingly minty cheap boxed SNES goodness, a lose SNES games I’ve never seen before, some even mintier Sega Master System games and tons more amazing stuff along the way including retro bargains and modern PS4 rarities!

So join me for this second episode of The Crazy World of CEX and remember to like and subscribe and comment which CEX I need to visit next and why! Don’t worry I will visit them all eventually but this is going to be a long journey!

I can’t wait to bring you all along on my adventure to see The Crazy World of CEX!

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