Teenage Fake Cop Busted in Full Police Gear

@Copwatchtv obtained body worn camera footage of a January 1st, 2023 incident involving the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office. They got calls of about a person pulling over cars in the area. Deputies found Jackson Jones in an outfitted car. He was arrested for allegedly flashing his headlights and pulling over cars in Choctaw, dressed in a vest marked “sheriff,” carrying handcuffs, knives, a flashlight and wearing a duty belt.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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35 thoughts on “Teenage Fake Cop Busted in Full Police Gear”

  1. I don’t see the big deal these cops are in a little nothing town and they have 4-5 mags loaded up on their vest and they just want some action. Goobers

  2. I have noticed that guiltily people when pulled over automatically ask if they can just be let go. Am innocent people will ask why they were being pulled over.

  3. I can’t believe when they come across actual cops they don’t just keep it real 😂 they always have the most outlandish stories and no identification

  4. The most annoying person to me was the witness who couldn't write his own freakin statement!! He seriously wanted to go home and have his wife write it.. why do people have to overcomplicate things seriously!! Like do u think the police don't have actual emergencies to attend to??!!

  5. Completely off topic, I love when them country boys get excited while telling a story 😂 “he was parked cock eyed like” haha he was telling that cop the story like he will be telling his drinking buddies later that night

  6. This kid and these cops are fucking troglodytes. This grown ass man just said "expeshully". Is this how we're gonna speak from now on? Like 5-year-olds?

  7. There’s gotta be something psychological going on with these people that do this especially the ones that get caught impersonating multiple times they can’t be right in the head

  8. Cops and correction officers do not get along cops and the sheriff honestly don't get along and state troopers hate everyone. Cops will hunt for correction officers because they feel like their not real law enforcement..jail is bad county can be worse and prison is a bitch and they all can turn into boxes of murder. Had a friend in corrections and he talked about how cops treated him like shit, when in fact he had to consistently pass physical tests that no street cop could pass,because his unit was responsible for putting stuff down that happened in correctional facilities. You have to consistently be able to operate in full riot gear and lift heavy weights above your head. He had all the training a standard law enforcement officer had but that was not his job he worked in corrections, and you don't get to choose were you go, they have to have a certain type of person for that job and they could tell you that it's that or nothing you can't be a street cop. He was a short guy like 5'5 weighing 240 not fat at all more like a tree stump perfectly square thick neck, the only people Ive seen look like him we what they call jumpers fed agents that jump out cars and tackle ppl. He also ha d a degree forgot what it was in tho.

  9. I am just amazed that the store sells so much snuff that they have it advertised and listed before cigarettes and cigars. That community must love snuff. Oh, and this kid is a maniac terrorist in the making that needs mental help.

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