The Apogee Solstice | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 51

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Bells Hells race against time and lifelong plotting as they attempt to stop the Ruby Vanguard from releasing the god-eater Predathos and potentially dooming the world…

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“It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme Song)” by Peter Habib and Sam Riegel
Original Music by Omar Fadel and Hexany Audio
“Welcome to Marquet” Art Theme by Colm McGuinness
Additional Music by Universal Production Music, Epidemic Sounds, and 5 Alarm
Character Art by Hannah Friederichs

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40 thoughts on “The Apogee Solstice | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 51”

  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:55 Octopath infomercial
    4:50 Laura’s assisted merch corner
    5:50 Intro cinematic
    9:45 Recap Ends (Ira’s plans)
    16:00 Trying to not talk to Imgoen (messaging Orym)
    25:25 Getting Xandis off
    28:05 Missing a lens
    36:05 Chickpeas
    39:50 A voice FCG doesn’t recognize
    41:25 Some of their best friends are fey sociopaths
    43:40 Egg shipe
    49:45 FCG jacks into the mainframe (like Bambi)
    55:05 Caleb the magic zaddy
    56:50 FCG’s terminator vision
    57:45 Imogen has the best of both worlds (be-wrong)
    1:04:45 FCG is a big ol’ Daddy
    1:14:40 Sam’s gas can
    1:18:10 Pate’s nuts? More like PAT DEEZ NUTZ!
    1:28:05 Husky Imogen is intimidating
    1:30:55 The one time they forgot to check the ball
    1:33:10 A Fresh Cut Crack
    1:54:50 None of your business, son
    2:05:40 Map out
    2:08:05 Battle begins
    2:18:15 Grasping shock (Mr. Mercer)
    2:21:00 HDYWTDT
    2:27:50 Sam would be a post-apocalyptic aristocrat
    2:31:15 Hit’em with the guilt trip
    2:35:25 BREAK STARTS
    2:43:10 Art Montage
    2:45:25 BREAK ENDS
    2:54:05 Project Chicken Little begins
    2:57:40 Foghorn Leghorn
    2:59:00 The anime villains show up
    3:00:30 Weaving my way (cool Laura)
    3:03:05 FCG murders Ryn (and almost gets murdered)
    3:08:05 Ashton is stone cold
    3:13:40 I swear, if Imogen’s mom kills Caleb… (Uh oh regard)
    3:18:10 A beacon
    3:20:25 Map out
    3:23:45 The bomb drops (and a surprise appears)
    3:25:05 And that’s when Scanlan arrives
    3:31:40 Ludinus makes an evil speech despite most of his audience being dead. Respect
    3:41:10 Imogen talks to her mom
    3:45:15 Ira is gone
    3:47:55 Ludinus speaks to FCG
    3:52:35 Ruidusborn glowing
    3:54:30 Keyleth deep strike
    4:03:35 Vax
    4:09:00 Such a hot angel
    4:12:45 Mister loads up
    4:15:25 Predator Chetney
    4:21:50 Vax in a box
    4:23:45 The tower activates
    4:34:05 Return to Uthodurn
    4:36:50 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Fessuran in the year 843. Sam’s gas can says “Critical Role Cameo Bingo” with a bunch of C1 and C2 character names written on it.

    A lot of the greatest CR arcs have started with them losing against an overwhelming threat. Excited for what comes next.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. This is one hell of a cinematic universe like damn. 3 campaigns culminating to this has just been fantastic.

    Bells Hells better get animated cause holy shit

  3. It feels good to finally see a major plot being failed by the main characters. Tho loved all of them that showed, Ludnis became the best Villan the team has ever encountered that actually completed his plans.

  4. I have seen/listened to every possible episode of each campaign since the beginning.
    I listen to it in podcast form at my manufacturing job now of days. but still try and come back and watch it on youtube to see player reactions.

    I am a man in my late 30's, and I almost shed TEARS at work the moment I heard matt say
    "Don't you even dare"

  5. My favorite part of this episode:

    Mathew: As it now falls…
    Sam: …on to Ryn?
    Mathew: "Good point face", checks dice .
    Rest of the cast: wHy dID YoU sAy tHaT
    Mathew: On to Ryn! evil laugh

  6. Calling it now: Predathos is just another ruse by Ludinus. It's too convenient, too easily and plainly revealed (in a document easy to forge with high level magic), and just in a meta sense Matt has always been a keen adherent of secrecy and misdirection when it comes to his major villains.

    Bet there's something else on the moon Ludinus wants but doesn't want anyone to know about. 'Throw off the chains off your divine oppressors' would certainly be a convenient lie to feed to a bunch of cultists you're using for free labor and battle fodder..

  7. Watching season 2 of vox machina and hearing about the might nein series I can't help but think about how 5-6 years from now after both of those series are finished and they do a bell's hells series that there will finally be a badass series with all 3 groups in it. I want a sick vox machina, mighty nein, and bells hells avengers assemble type scene like from the first avenger movie. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

  8. 11:58 Ira's dialogue here reminded me of the G-Man from Half-Life. Especially that inhale near the end of the sentence.

    39:43 Sam going to lengths to make fun of Laura's lost voice is hilarious

    1:18:35 LMAO, Laura saying that with the raspy voice and then Travis' disbelief

    2:34:05 Sam only says "Danger's incoming" but Marisha tells the rest that Otohan is coming. Laudna sure is filling in some mighty big blanks with that.

    2:50:07 I know it's completely valid within the rules that a creature can use their legendary resistances whenever, but I feel like it's slightly against the spirit of the moment to do that. Otohan would have no idea that a psychic attack was about to hit her. Ultimately, not a big deal, though.

    "Dirty 20" is this campaign's new term that has picked up in use and is annoying as hell to me now. (They've said it in the past, but I swear they used it in this one episode alone like 15 times.)

    While it was a pretty cool story moment, it does feel incredibly railroaded. The players basically had zero control or effect on anything that transpired. It was always going to happen this way, it feels. It's like they're jumping ahead a few steps and already writing the animated show instead of playing the tabletop version first.

  9. I'm all for great story telling, but dnd isnt about the story as much as it is the players writting the story themselves. I hate that it felt like bells hells were completely irrelevant here. Matt is just throwing old heros into traps and lets be honest, nothing they did mattered here even a little. it was all going to happen. regardless of what they did. maybe im in the minority here but Im not a fan of this railroaded style of dnd.

  10. I think it's genius that Matt created tension by unleashing one of the most devastating combinations on Keyleth. A character who is more likely to be able to endure it. Thus, sparing the current party from it while also increasing the intensity.

  11. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate for this and before that I need to say that I LOVE Matt,

    But (spoilers. duh)

    I hate it when he fucks up the rules for narration's shake. So, a level 20 character comes in (I would guess it's a surprise round unless you argue that they were expecting her, but still not really) and the best thing she thinks of doing is mass cure wounds to people that she hasn't seen yet? Then Ludinus gets his turn (no initiative was yet rolled so presumably we are in surprise round) and he casts power word stun (ok we say, we are in initiative and he rolled really high alongside with Otohan), then it's Ludinus' turn again??? No legendary actions were mentioned so in between his plays Keyleth and Vax got no turn to do anything? I'm not even going to mention that Vax should have had a surprise round which he never got.

    Also lylianna was holding a spell, she casts this spell as a reaction, and then ALSO casts telekenisis?

    I just couldn't enjoy this episode no matter how cool it really is. It was too forced, so many rules got fumbled for the shake of narrative. DND is an interractive game, players should be a part of it, bringing a beloved character back just to murder him unfairly in front of the group feels indecent and sadistic.

    Oh, what do I know, it's their game after all.