The Only Way You Should Add Blood To LEGO Minifigures #shorts

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46 thoughts on “The Only Way You Should Add Blood To LEGO Minifigures #shorts”

  1. Also you don’t have to cut your mini figure’s you can use red play dough and use not to much and not to little but use it where the Lego knife can fit

  2. I love how this showed up on my recommended, when I'm a 10 year old, and I couldn't have gotten this because of Lego because it would have shown building or something.

  3. Hey kids! Take a sharp knife and push it against a small, slick, round, hard piece of plastic that your squeezing between two soft blood filled fingers and you’ll get all the real blood you need for your scenes!!!

  4. Holy smokes guys. BE SUPER CAREFUL cutting tiny plastic objects in your hands, or find a different way to do this. I sliced my finger down to the nerve like 20 years ago doing something similar. Please, please, please don't ever do this.

    Think about it. You have a tiny ROUND object made of hard plastic between your fingers. You're pointing a sharp knife TOWARDS your own flesh and applying pressure. It's so easy for the blade to slip and the knife to instantly bury itself very deep into your finger.

    A better way is to hold the object on a flat surface with a pair of pliers, keeping all parts of your body far away from the cutting tool.

  5. Fun Fact: lightsabers cauterize wounds so they don’t bleed.
    And before anyone points out that one scene in a new hope where obi wan cuts an aliens arm off and there is blood, I believe someone said it’s potentially an open circulatory system.

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