THE PRICE IS RIGHT S02E08 (ITV – 16th February 1985)

The Price Is Right is a British game show based on the US version of the same name. It originally aired on ITV from 24 March 1984 to 8 April 1988 and was hosted by Leslie Crowther. The show returned to ITV in 1995 hosted by Bruce Forsyth.

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34 thoughts on “THE PRICE IS RIGHT S02E08 (ITV – 16th February 1985)”

  1. Been looking for this episode for over 30 years ! My then girlfriend Sharon won ! I'm in the audience. Leslie Crowther was as genuine behind the scenes as he is on screen, although he was a heavy smoker ! Best host ever and a childhood hero. Thanks Andy !

  2. I love Cliffhanger! Can't believe the first time I watch a British TPIR video, it's Cliffhanger! Although, in the US, when he's climbing, there is yodeling music. I like the supermarket part too.

  3. It was an inspired choice to have Leslie Crowther front this great show. He was fantastic and has not been bettered, even by Brucie!!

  4. Leslie Crowther – at the top of his game – a REAL Saturday NIght Super Star – sadly after that nasty car crash in 92 he never fully recovered departing this life in 96. God bless….

  5. This fabulous show takes me back to my courting days with my future wife. We watched it with her Mum and Dad with a drink or three. Fantastic days. Saturday evenings are simply not the same now with the likes of Leslie and Brucie gone. Rest in peace.

  6. Loved watching this as a child, I was also fortunate to meet Leslie Crowther in person in Londin in 1990. He truly was a lovely man. A great entertainer may he RIP.

  7. Donna is such a stereotypical 1980s dressed dolly! Leslie is a really likeable gent and a perfectly cast game show host too. I think he's on the same level as Brucie.

    Interesting to note Leslie mentioned the weather here near the beginning. The days around 16th February 1985, the UK was in a very brutal winter weather period for many many years.

  8. What an absolutely deplorable set of prizes. You can tell the IBA prize cap was hitting on this programme. I was expecting Tony Green to appear… "Iiiiiiiin one". Interesting to hear "Cliffhanger" without its traditional music. I'm guessing that if a contestant was waaaay off, hearing that 'Central Chime' 20+ times in a row was a bit excessive. The supermarket game was a bit crap, so I can see why this was scrapped. The wheel was infinitely better than that knockout thing they had in later episodes, which always seemed to go on for far too long. And, as always, constant use of the EEV phosphor displays for the scores, a staple of UK game shows of the era.