Vintage Toy Treasures at Peddler’s Post & Toys 4 Life! THE ROAD TO KANE COUNTY EP2

Get in the van and let’s toy hunt! We hit up Peddler’s Post and Toys 4 Life in Missouri on our way to Chicago & get a special care package from Lara!

00:00 Intro
00:56 Peddler’s Post Toy Hunt
11:59 Toys 4 Life Toy Hunt
19:50 Unboxing Viewer Mail
23:06 In the next episode

Peddler’s Post:
Toys 4 Life:

Rolling with @NotAnotherRetroChannel @grecofabulous @thebostonmike2825 & Dave Back Alley Toys!

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25 thoughts on “Vintage Toy Treasures at Peddler’s Post & Toys 4 Life! THE ROAD TO KANE COUNTY EP2”

  1. I had no idea there were so many different toy lines and so much variety. You seem so knowledgable about most of them – it's really impressive! Thanks for introducing us to so much interesting stuff.

  2. I had one of those dinobots in the 80s i believe those wings where made out of metal and they where from japan not USA transformer license, they also had those metal voltron lion force all in Japanese letters i still remember having those .

  3. Awesome video and series!! A whole van load of us are planning a trip to Peddler's Post in the beginning of June and we're super freakin excited about it. So it was great getting to see inside the store!! Thank you for what you do!! We love your channel!! -Jason

  4. Hey Ed! Love your channel, please could you make a video about Beyblade? Back in the day I loved those, I live in Brazil and I remember that it was a huge thing in my childhood.