We Bought EVERYTHING On Her Stall At Huge Summer Car Boot Sale!

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32 thoughts on “We Bought EVERYTHING On Her Stall At Huge Summer Car Boot Sale!”

  1. Hi jon just wondering wether or not you have to pay tax when selling a few items on ebay is there a certain amount before you have to start paying tax? Ive started reselling and getting close to the 1000 on ebay, cheers

  2. bought a ben sherman and a french connection shirt for 4 pound and 3.50 is there a profit or do i need to learn the fabrics and designs?

  3. What do you do about buying possible fake stuff. I bought some Vejas to resell. I only realised when I got home that label was slightly off. It said Women instead of A and B. Do you ever experience that kind of thing?

  4. Thanks for the video guys! Great pickups, I love selling boden. Just followed on TikTok. It’s got to be a nice cold cider on a sunny day, I miss when I go abroad as most places don’t have 😢

  5. Sold first three E Bay items as just getting to an age that my shirt collection can go to people who can sell on or keep. The only problem is e bay keeping the money from the largest sale. Paid out £27 after two days but owe me £150 with no payment in sight The buyer is so pleased and I think will buy a few more bits but have you had problems getting your money or is it just a new seller?

  6. Literally nothing worse than buying pokemon cards off children at the car boot. They could say any price feel bad not buying them lol I'm like ummm go on then

  7. Great content as always mate. Unfortunately, if you already didn't know all them Pokemon Cards looked fake, I know they're from a kid so isn't too deep just a heads up mate, if you need me to look at them let me know 👍 Gave up drinking four years ago and into the finer things of life 🍁😆