What Is Lord Zedd Planning For Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? Zedd’s Master Plan Fan Theory #cosmicfury

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17 thoughts on “What Is Lord Zedd Planning For Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? Zedd’s Master Plan Fan Theory #cosmicfury”

  1. Lord Zedd is such an amazing villain. I definitely believe that he will come up with a very dangerous plan. It would be awesome if he brought back Goldar and Scorpina. I’m certainly sure that he will surprise us in some way, shape or form. His plans have always been pretty wild and surprising. Definitely hope that Billy gets to be in there too. I want to see Billy and Lord Zedd meet again for sure!

  2. I personally think that zed is Going to have a plan similar to ritas but unlike rita he'll succeed with it. It'll then come down to the cosmic fury rangers as well as minn, Billy and Zack to stop zed thats my Theory

  3. If Scrozzel were survive at the end of Cosmic Fury he could be the one to create an new Machine Empire in season 31 or a Zeo version of Once and Always? Maybe they could use a mix of leftover unadapted RPM and Beast Morphers Monsters and Zenkaiger Villains. 😎👍

  4. Who knows what Lord Zedd has been up to and what he's been planning Lord Zedd plan must be to take off everything and ever rangers teams and with his new powers has Don Armage and with Scrozzle and many old and new villains will help Lord Zedd and Scrozzle and take over the universe and everything in it and I don't think the rangers are going to defeat Lord Zedd because we all know how powerful Lord Zedd is but when he gets his new powers and form when he becomes Don Armage and becomes more powerful then ever before.

  5. Maybe Lord Zedd will absorb the particle energy of all the villains. The Z-Wave destroyed and will fuse with all of it to mutate into the true final form version of Don Armage!

  6. Hs son Thrax , when he focused his evil against the Morphing Grid it wasnt just Overdrive that was shut but all space and time weakening the Grid in space and time freeing Zed from captivity

  7. I think Lord Zedd will tamper with the Morphin Grid and this is just me but…I think He will mess with the Morphin Grid (like in Shattered Grid) and become a Ranger and destroy the rangers and the Morphin Grid itself